first day of my life….

Life is something that people struggle through their days and night. Life can be easy, life may be hard. but some life gives people joys and happiness, no matter how hard your life is.

That also happen to me.In love

Hi, you must be wonder what I’m bubbling about…… hehe, sorry guys, that’s just a metaphor….. well, actually this is my first post in this first blog. (actually, this my fisrt WordPress blog. My first blog is Blogspot, but recently,-almost 2 years-, inactive…… hehe)

So, in this first post, i won’t write anything yet. Just write a simple about me. ok, here it is……

My name, Nazman, or full version, Nazman Mohd Nawawi. Right now i live in the independence country call Malaysia. Specifically, in the state of Kelantan, the city of Kota Bharu. Right now, I’m working in the private sector, and considering to persuade study in MBA, Master of Business Administration. (oh yeah, i’m right now a degree holder in Management of Technology (Honour)….)

Well, nothing much about me, just a person who work, sleep and love to explore things. Any things that interest me. I’m also an amateur photographer and like to take picture of life.(sadly, my lens is still in ‘ICU’ for the broken lid….. Sad smile) I will post some picture in this blog. So, for those who know more about photo, please kindly critic my picture, as I’m still a learner, although 1 year i have learn to shoot properly without any class or seminar to join. But i’m satisfied with the progress of mine……..

So, maybe that’s it. so long and have a good day.



(P/S: sorry if my English is not so good, as I don’t write or talk in English for so long time………. If I’m wrong, please correct my vocabulary…..)



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2 responses to “first day of my life….

  1. A GREAT starting for blogging…
    Keep it up bro…
    you’ll find the rhythm nanti 😀

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