it’s a long, long journey……

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end” – Ursula K. LeGuin (1929)


Bonjour and a pleasant day for all of you……

Well, like the quote mention up there, it’s true that not the end of the journey that matters, but the long journey itself that most count. In this journey we can discover many things that can happen, whether it’s physically or mentally, sweet or bitter, to our precious life.(did I mention about life?…..Thinking smile) Some journey makes us happy, cheerful like a firework,but some journey makes us feel like the end of the world; that’s what made us mature and get stronger to face and get through our hard, difficult life.

For example, just like me, I also have been in a long, long journey. In fact, I’m still in the journey of my life. Seeking for something that can make me happy, joy, cheerful and also can made my life more precious and more meaningful, whether in the outside factor or, most important, inner side @ spiritual side. As a human, we usually and always can’t satisfied our life, even we live immortally, like me. Sometime, I feel like I want to explore to know my self more deeply. Am i capable to do this? Am I capable to do that? Well, still don’t see much the potential I have in my self (hehe).

Ok, still bubbling like last post, haha…..

My journey right now, just an average. Not bad, not good. Just so-so…. From a baby, who don’t anything about the world, to a Child, learn something new; new friend, new knowledge, new things…… Then, become a Teenage boy, a person who searching the identity of himself (In fact, still searching…). From that, become a Youth before moving on to a Man…. During this norm journey, I have been and explore in many type of experiences. From good to bad, from bad to worst, from worst to… good again. Like the cycle of life. But I would like to share about the journey during my worst day I have been. DEPRESSION. So scary to think that time. A lot of factor leads to the feeling of depress. 1 of it, because of stress, WORK STRESS……

To be continued……

(P/S: hehe, sorry for that. It actually a long story to tell. So, I decided to make it an episode. Maybe I will tell it next time…..Hot smile)

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(like this paper-copter, from paper to helicopter. Nice! Thumbs up)


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