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argh! ergh! irgh! orgh! urgh!

‘Let it be, let it be. before it came to haunted me.’ – ManzDeMaxas (1985-now).

Assalamualaikum and a pleasure day to all of you.

What? oh, maybe I didn’t tell, I’m actually a Muslim. so, it;s common that I greet someone who is a Muslim with Assalamualaikum or translation, Peace Upon You.

ok. what topic do i have today? erm, mmmmm.





argh! maybe nothing. hahha. ok, wait, there’s one.

who’s here have been stress? anyone? erm, i have. about 2 years ago. the story is like this.

‘Once upon a time, there was a youth who work so hard that he had a stress. the end.’

haha. that’s the story. very short but there’s a point. stress because of work. that’s a common cause of stress these day. people work hardly just to satisfy the company goal. like me. i do work hard once. at that time, i just work regularly. fixing order. making order. call agent to get the new order. well, that’s what circulation do. newspaper circulation. but then, at one day, i have giving a job to do. the job that change me literally.

P/S: actually. this post created 3 weeks ago…… just recently have to post it……. ahaks!


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